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Majestic Evolution

Who We Are?

Majestic Evolution was founded in 2006. Over past 10 years and till date we now serve a variety of Industries and specializing in the embroidery businesses. Majestic Evolution is a creative firm that offers re-draw vector art, artwork design, embroidery digitizing services to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

Our mission is to provide high quality Digitizing with a fast turnaround at a low price. We are dedicated to working with our customers and providing them with the highest quality products and services. We offer the most professional and friendly customer service, the best quality and production in the industry, and the quickest turnaround time of any embroidery, design, and digitizing services.

By offering the best value in the market, we feel confident you'll be pleased with Majestic Evolution. We provide exceptional service and the knowledge and experience it takes to create superior embroidery. It is important to us that you receive consistently outstanding service, and designs that are flawlessly produced each and every time. At Majestic Evolution, these are qualities that are never compromised.

The first priority of Majestic Evolution's sales and customer service department is to ensure that you will be treated in a courteous and professional manner. Our friendly and highly skilled representatives are available to answer any questions with regard to your individual embroidering and digitizing needs. Our professional and experienced staffs have the skills to use our technology effectively and create a products for our customers.

Our digitizers know what techniques should be used for each order because they can identify all the variables that have to be taken into account and plan accordingly. Our digitizing department consists highly skilled personnel producing flawless designs that are ready to be embroidered. At Majestic Evolution, we work with our customers through each step in the process to ensure that you get the best design and embroidery possible. We are confident in our organization, in our staff, in our technology, and in our methods. With outstanding service, knowledge, experience, and by creating a EMB and AE files that will yield a flawless design, we know we'll meet our customers' high expectations. Along with a reasonable price, delivered at the expected time, you will not have any reason to go anywhere else for your design, digitizing, and embroidery needs.

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What We Do?

All files are completed by artists/digitizers and quality controlled by the Quality Assurance team. Our in-depth knowledge of the embroidery and digitizing industry allows us to digitize every design with efficient output in mind. This expertise saves our customers time, money, and headache because our designs are specially created to meet their exact need.

While quality is our highest priority, timely product delivery is also very important to us. With our efficient operating procedures, you receive your order well within the committed time . If you need the design sooner, we are set up to prioritize your job at no extra charge to you.

We also specialize in vector artwork creation and conversion. We can convert your logo to vector format or create high resolution vector artwork from low resolution art files. Your digitized logo is then ready for screen printing, digital printing, vinyl plotting or any other kinds of promotional or personal printing. Like all members of our team, our top-notch graphic artists focus on providing the highest quality and the quickest turnaround possible for all our customers.

We at Majestic Evolution would like to thank you for your interest in our services. Be sure to try us out! You'll be very glad that you did.